The subtle art of not giving a fuck
Feb 17, 2021

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This book includes 9 chapters. I will share my thought through each chapter of the book.

Chapter 1: Do not try everything

The first chapter of the book focus on briefly explaining the idea throughout the book. - The not-giving-a-fuck mind. It is mentioned by a lot of interesting points by the author.

  • First, the key to a better life is to not pay attention to too many things in your life. Only pay your mind, your energy to the realistic, emergency, and very-important jobs.
  • Second, which is very impressed to me, to yearn for a positive experience is inherently negative. And vice versa, accepting a negative experience is inherently a positive experience.
  • Last but not least, the subtle points of not giving a fuck
    • Not giving a fuck doesn't mean indifference. But it means being comfortable with being indifference.
    • In order to take care of adversity, you must pay attention to something more important than adversity.
    • No matter you realize it or not, you always choose to pay attention to something

Chapter 2: Happiness is a problem

Happiness and trouble always go hand in hand in life whether you realize or not. We are always looking forward to joy, positive emotions and often avoiding negative emotions. The interesting thing here is that it is the things we tend to aim for, which are the things that makes us suffer. That is the life cycle. Accept it, face it, treat it as ordinary, and get over it.

Chapter 3: You are not special

Under the influence of the media, being special in society became a dream for many young people but it gradually became a poison to the mind. We gradually demand privileges and complaints and we gradually lack effort.

Think of us as ordinary people who are humble, curious, and ready to overcome challenges.

Chapter 4: The value of endurance

All of our thoughts and feelings depend on the worldview that we establish for ourselves. So, in order to be interested, you should choose a right worldview. However, we should not be too rigid on a certain worldview, constantly update it with the world around it to become complete.

Chapter 5: You always be the one who make the choice

But... What choices?

It's how you feel about everything that happens around you.

It is important to note that it may not be your fault that everything that happens around you is your fault, but your feelings towards it, your thoughts are all your fault.

It means that when a bad thing happens, no matter what the cause is, you're sad, you're happy, you deny it or overcome it, it's your actions, and therefore it's your fault.

So What do you choose?

Chapter 6: We're all wrong

The brain is obviously the head organ of the human being.

But it's not perfect either.

Believe me, the brain is also a very biased "organization". It's your duty to always ask yourself questions to check the correctness of this "organization"

Chapter 7: Failure is the way to go forward

This is like the mother idea of every single self-help book. I know 😂.

I will say this again shortly

There will be no success without failure.

Failure will always be and will be part of the process. Take it as a matter of course and deal with it.

Sometimes, the best way to start a thing is just doing it, facing the failure and learning from it.

Chapter 8: The importance of saving "No"

I'm proud of what I did, but I'm proud of what I decided to not do, as well.

Saying "No" at the right time is one of my weaknesses. I'm still very blurred on the line between what I want to do and what to do. Being so focused on what I want to do makes me confused and focused on nothing. But too focused on what to do, sometimes the question arises "Is this really the right thing to do or not". Trying to perfect my thoughts, choosing when to say "No" is a skill I will need to improve a lot.

Chapter 9: ... And we will all die.

We will all die.

That's sad but true.

So why we have to be afraid of one thing that is unavoidable.

Accept it, cherish your life now and live your best

Don't waste it, you only live once

Explore this life and appreciate everything around you

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